LIBERIA: GCC, LNP, Transport Unions Agree To Curb Illegal Car-Loading In Ganta

One of the car loaders on Broad Street loading a taxi cab

As part of efforts to address traffic congestion in the commercial city of Ganta, the Gompa City Corporation, Liberia National Police (LNP) and three transport unions have signed an agreement to work together to stop illegal car-loading in the city.

The agreement calls on the three transport unions to work along with the GCC, LNP and relevant security agencies to discourage loading and offloading of cars along the main streets, provide uniforms for recognized car attendants, help the LNP to identify illegal car loaders and loading points, as well as issue identification cards to car loaders, among others.

The LNP is also required to always assist the GCC and transport unions in providing security whenever the need arises, according to the agreement.

Transports unions that formed part of the agreement are the Federation of Road Transport Unions (FRTUL); ECOWAS Transport Union and the Mano River Transport Union.

According to a release issued by Ganta City Mayor Amos Suah at the end of the signing ceremony recently, loading and offloading vehicles on the main streets of Ganta contravenes Section 6 of the Ordinance of the GCC which is punishable by fine and other tougher actions.

“On the basis of the agreement, the city government wishes to warn all drivers and car loaders who are in the constant habit of using the main street as parking stations to immediately stop this unlawful act,” the release stated.

Speaking to the Liberia News Agency Thursday, FRTUL president Lawrence Queeglay described the initiative by the City Council as “a worthy step forward.”

He said for too long the transport unions in the city have worked in vain to get rid of illegal car loaders from the streets due to the lack of security support, and noted that the recent effort by the GCC, security agencies, and transport unions will boost their efforts in getting rid of this menace.

According to Queeglay, most of the illegal car attendants are thieves and criminals who go about harassing peaceful citizens and travelers, especially during night hours.

“For us we think this initiative by the City Council is laudable because this is something we have strived on our own over the years to achieve but to no avail,” said Queeglay.

He said the three unions agreed to everything enshrined in the agreement and are willing to fully cooperate with the GCC and LNP.

Like many big and growing cities in Liberia, Ganta is challenged by the issue of traffic congestion, mainly during the evening and night hours as a result of large vehicles parking and offloading along the main road.

The growing population of the city and low number of access roads across the city have played roles in the traffic congestion across the city.

Previous City Mayors of Ganta tried to curtail this situation but to no avail and now Mayor Suah is being keenly monitored by many to see whether he will succeed in this uphill battle.


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