LIBERIA: “Friends of Yorfee” Set to Petition Cllr. Luther N. Yorfee to Contest as President of Liberia

Cllr. Luther N. Yorfee

Hundreds of supporters and mobilizers from “Friends of Yorfee Movement” across the 15 political subdivisions of Liberia recently gathered in Paynesville to finalize action plan to officially petition Cllr. Luther N. Yorfee to contest as President in the 2023 General and Presidential Elections.

The gathering of “Friends of Yorfee Movement” program brought together individuals from various political, social, economic and ethnic background and was intended to petition Cllr. Luther N. Yorfee to contest as President of Liberia in the 2023 presidential race.

The program was also part of a strategic meeting to lend grass root support to Cllr. Luther N. Yorfee, Founding Chairman of the proposed Liberia Rebuilding Party (REBUILDERS).

During the event, an agenda was adopted with supporters and mobilizers pledging their support and commitment to work in line with the proposed Liberia Rebuilding Party’s motto: “Rain or Shine, Rebuild Liberia.”

Mentioning also that “Friends of Yorfee,” was a populace movement seeking to embark on a vigorous nationwide recruitment exercise with a view of promoting their party agenda to win popular support through elections.

Chairman Yorfee extended thanks and gratitude to all supporters who took time off their busy scheduled to form part of the occasion, stressing, “If we have achieve anything, it’s the hundreds of supporters who have gathered here today to grace this all important occasion which give us the impetus to realize that the Liberian people are deeply committed to this cause.”

The organizing Chairman of the Proposed Liberia Rebuilding Party went on to also expressed thanks and gratitude to Dr. Kamara of Pilgrim Adventist Church in Philadelphia USA who established the initial contact with him.

Mentioning that it was in June 2019 when he received a call from Dr. Kamara informing him that a few group of individuals in the United States have decided to organize themselves for the purpose supporting a candidate to contest for the Presidency of Liberia.

Chairman Yorfee noted that he received the message with surprise, stressing. “For the record I have never been a politician before. Dr. Kamara was one of those who got me to agree to organize the proposed Liberia Rebuilding Party.”

Adding that the intention of the group was to work with potential Liberians on the ground to recommend someone with credible track record, rather than endorsing the traditional politicians that has kept the country backward.


He indicated that he accepted  to take on the task because he believe that so much changes were needed in Liberia, and that living standard in Liberia is now worst as compare to 7 years ago.

“Are we better than we were seven years ago. They are all birds of the same feathers flocking together because they have the same feathers.”

“Can we look at any of these politicians in the race and say if this party should win the political race we are sure that our country would move from bad to better.”

“It is about time that we the generation of today put on our garment of readiness to move this country forward. Because if we depend on them our country will remain backward.”

He lamented that politicians have woefully failed in their various party platforms to articulate as to how they intent to move the country from its present predicament.

Importantly, Cllr. Yorfee noted that the  manifesto of Liberia Rebuilding Party (THE REBUILDERS) is based on four key pillars which includes: 1. Rebuilding Relationships, which borders on Reconciliation, 2. Rebuilding Lives, 3. Rebuilding the  Economy of Liberia, 4.   Rebuilding Liberia’s Infrastructure.

He maintained that, in order for a nation to be successful, the people must be reconciled, adding, “That is why our first pillar is based on reconciliation.”

“If our people must be fully reconciled, we must begin from the Tolbert era to present. Two presidents were violently assassinated in this country. Tolbert was buried in a mass grave along with 13 of his officials killed in the name of committing “Rampant Corruption.” The bodies of those people must be exhumed, including that of Samuel Doe, and given a befitting State burial. This will soften the anger in the hearts of their families and followers. This will be the beginning of genuine reconciliation. The other steps will follow,” the Founding Chairman of REBUILDERS Party noted.

“Under the second pillar, we need to empower our people by first equipping all the hospitals in Liberia and providing adequate drugs supply, and also creating jobs opportunities for all Liberians. For example, Our Government will have a policy that all furnitures, desks, chairs etc. for all ministries, agencies and schools will only be bought from Liberian Carpenters. This will create serious business empowerment for Liberian Carpenters. As their business improves, they will employ other Liberians.”

“Under our third pillar of rebuilding our economy, we will focus our priority on rice farming to a sustain level that in the near future, Liberia will be self sufficient in rice production. Other agriculture products will also be prioritized like cocoa, bitter balls, pepper, etc.”

“Under our fourth pillar, we will equip our schools and build new ones where necessary. We will also build farm to market roads. We will make sure that all capitol cities of Liberia are connected by pave roads. And other infrastructure will follow.”

From what has been gathered, Cllr. Luther N. Yorfee has over 20 years of experience in public service, couple with credible track record of performance in several key functionary of government, including the General Auditing Commission (GAC), Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He holds a BBA Degree in  Accounting, LLB Law Degree and LLM International Business Law Degree, respectively.

A high place official of government at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who spoke straightly on conditions of anonymity said, “I have worked with Cllr. Yorfee down the years. His level of openness and ability to work with others in achieving institutional goals was quite remarkable. I think his track record and accomplishments in public service speaks for itself.”

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