LIBERIA: Former Lawmakers demand $832,000.00…..

Former members of the House of Representatives in the 53rd Legislature are demanding eight-hundred-thirty-two-thousand United States Dollars, allegedly owed them by that august body.

It followed the filing of the Writ of Mandamus to the Supreme Court of Liberia to cite the Leadership of the House of Representatives and authorities of the Finance Ministry.

Mandamus is a writ or order from a lower or higher court to compel an institution or someone to perform certain duty or do the right thing, as required by law.

Judicial sources told ELBC Correspondent that the Supreme Court is in receipt of the Writ of Mandamus as prayed for by the former members of the Legislature.

A release also quotes the petitioners, referred to as former lawmakers of the Lower House, as saying the money in question was reportedly allotted in the 2021 Special Budget and was not remitted to them by the House of Representatives and Finance Ministry.

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