LIBERIA: For Rendering Humanitarian Services To African Mothers, CCSOL Honors LFAM Country Representative

LFAM Country Representative, Dr. Abdul-raham Fayiah Bah

The Coalition of Civil Society Organizations of Liberia (CCSOL), a conglomeration of several civil society organizations has bestowed and honored the Country Representative of Life for African Mothers (LFAM), Dr. Abdul-rahman Fayiah Bah, for his organization’s role in providing support and services to several African mothers.

Speaking on behalf of the organization, CCSOL National Chairman, Prince Grandoe, said the LFAM Country Representative and his organization was honored for their work to humanity owing to the provision of training to midwives and provision of medical supplies over the years.

LFAM has since 2016, provided training to over 500 traditional and medical midwives in over 13 counties in Liberia.

The local CSO in her recognition to the LFAM Country Representative noted that during their retreat, they decided to vet organizations that are immensely contributing to the societal wellbeing of the ordinary masses of the Liberian populace. And based upon several names proffered, the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations of Liberia honored the LFAM Country Representative as the “Outstanding Country Representative of Year.”

Receiving the recognition on behalf of the Founder and Director of LFAM, Country Representative Dr. Bah said he was happy that the works and dreams of LFAM is being realized and recognized by civil society actors.

According to the LFAM Country Rep, the dream of the founder the organization, Angela Gorman is to help African Governments on the continent to reduce poverty, maternal mortalities and as well as empowering mothers.

Therefore, LFAM has over the years been providing medication to various health facilities around the country as well as the training of midwives both traditional and medical.

Dr. Bah on behalf of LFAM thanked the Government of Liberia for the collaboration over the years. He further promised that the organization will expand their scope of work throughout the 15 counties of Liberia.

“We believe in more works and less praises, however, we are very grateful to the CCSOL for recognition bestow upon us today. And by this, we promise and pledged our commitment to providing more services to our African mothers,” Dr. Bah stressed.

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