Liberia-Flagged Tanker Captain Removed After Starving Crew Complain

The master of the Liberia-flagged chemical tanker Tintomara has been removed from his ship in Gladstone, Australia, after the vessel was detained amid allegations of poor working conditions by the crew. Members of the crew have now been given cash and are in Gladstone buying food and resting in the local Mission to Seafarers office.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority detained the vessel after receiving complaints from the crew about the master and chief officer during a routine inspection. The complaints allege a culture of bullying, non-payment of overtime, long working hours and crew members losing weight due to lack of food.

The Tintomara’s crew of 26 includes seafarers from the Philippines, Bangladesh and India. The vessel arrived in Gladstone from New Orleans.

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Source:  News Now | The Maritime Executive

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