LIBERIA: Five Police Officers Arrested For Allegedly Extorting Money From Taxi Drivers

Police Chief Patrick Sudu

Five officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) have been arrested and detained for allegedly extorting money from taxi drivers at the Banersville Junction, Police Spokesman Moses Carter has disclosed.

In a telephone conversation with the Liberia News Agency (LINA) on Thursday, Carter said the five officers were arrested Wednesday evening at the Barnersville junction, outside Monrovia following tipoff that they are usually seen in the area extorting money from peaceful citizens.

He told LINA that the five officers are not assigned at the Barnersville junction where they were arrested.

The five officers, according to Carter, are currently undergoing investigation at the Police headquarters in central Monrovia.

Carter said when convicted as per the investigation, the LNP will institute serious action against the officers and will continue to do so against all those who think that they can undercut the LNP with their wrongful behavior.

Carter is urging officers of the LNP who are involved in such act to stop, noting that “when you are caught the LNP will take serious action against you.”

He also wants officers to stay at their assigned posts and not to encroach into areas where they are not deployed.

“The LNP are there to protect lives and properties, so if you believe that you will join the organization to illegally collect money from citizens you are making a mistake,” Carter emphasized.


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