LIBERIA: First Lady Clar Weah $100K Training Center For Army Spouses

First lady Clar Weah dedicates 100 thousand United States dollars Vocational Training Center for spouses of Liberian Army; pledges continuous support to women’s socio-economic development in the country

At the dedicatory ceremony, Madam Weah said during her first visit at the Schiefflin Barracks in 2020, she was sadden by the challenges that were confronting the Army Wives as such; she decided to assist with the construction of vocational training center that would provide education for them and make them entrepreneurs in the future.

Mrs. Weah however put the cost of the training center and available resources at one hundred twenty-five thousand U.S. Dollars and at the same time pledged additional ten thousand United States dollars towards items they would need during their training program.

The facility comprises the main training building with state-of-the-art classrooms, an office building, a meeting hall, and a reservoir, as well as several essential equipment including brand new refrigerator, freezer, 15kva generator, an electric oven and several chairs among others.

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