LIBERIA: First International vessel arrives at the Port of Harper

From E. Varney Kamah, GNN Correspondent in Maryland County|

As a means of holistically improving the country’s downtrodden economy, a huge large size vessel, Varkan Ege closed to  100 meters long with 35488 SDW and Gross tonnage of  2222 has docked at the at the Port of Harper in Maryland  County on Tuesday, November 11,2021

The Director of the Port of Harper, Williams Wallace, speaking to reporters, disclosed that this is the first of its kind for an international vessel to be docked at the Sea Port of Harper Since the end of the Liberia’s civil war (1990).

Mr. Wallace in a rather joyous mood told reporter that he is overwhelmed and happy for the arrival of Varkan Ege vessel at the Harper Port, noting that this will improve the country’s ravaged economy, most especially in the County.

He further emphasized that the arrival of the vessel in the county is to collect crude oil from Golden Veroleum, and has been operating in Sinoe County Over the past years and through the negotiation of his administration fortunately the Management of GVL in collaboration with the Vessel Captain agreed to bring the vessel in Maryland County.

Port of Harper is one of five ports owned and being operated by the NPA Liberia and own by the government of Liberia for corporation.

The Port of Harper before the civil crises served more than two hundred thousand inhabitants and facilitated the transport of thousands of tons of rubber, timber among others, meanwhile, the original facility was built in 1958 with latest modifications made in 1988.

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