LIBERIA: Finance Ministry Submits US$535 Million Budget To Legislature

Liberia’s Minister of Finance, Development and Planning, Samuel Tweah presenting the Budget to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bhofal Chambers

(LINA) – The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) has submitted the National Budget for Fiscal Year 2020/2021 to the National Legislature.

The 2020/2021 budget which is in the tone of five hundred thirty-five million, four hundred fifty-two thousand (US$535,452 million), was submitted to House Speaker Bhofal Chambers on Wednesday by Finance Minister Samuel D. Tweah.

Making the presentation to Speaker Chambers, Minister Tweah stated that although the country is not at the revenue level that it should be but, giving the fiscal regime that is now existing, the nation is in the position, we consider it as a significant milestone.

“At the end of the day, the budget we submit is our hope that it will address the challenges of our people. And that it can lift our people up and improve the livelihood of our people and bring our people together,” Tweah said.

Receiving the budget, House Speaker Chambers thanked the Finance Ministry authorities for the submission of the document.

Speaker Chambers further indicated that though the MFDP went through some difficulties in submitting the budget, but it was best that the instrument is now before the Legislature.

“Liberia is all we have, we have to work collectively to ensure that the agenda in transforming the lives of our people is actualized,” Chambers said.

“We have to optimize the contents in the budget for the enhancement of our people. We have resources and I think the proper use of our resources and the management of our resources will help in the direction of improving the livelihood of our people,” Chambers noted.

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