Liberia: EU Gives NFAA US$10m Grant – Official

Emma Metich Glassco

(LINA) – The Director General of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NFAA), Emma Metich Glassco, has disclosed that Authority has received a US$10 million grant from the European Union (EU).

Addressing the Ministry of Information regular press briefing Thursday, Glassco said NFAA intends to use the money to dredge the fishing harbor and install cold storage facilities in major fishing communities.

She said the money will also be used for investment in research and initiation of a robust aquaculture activity to boost Liberia’s export capacity which, according to her, many countries are focusing on at the moment.

Glassco also disclosed that NFAA is currently exploring opportunities to provide pre-mixed gas to local fishermen.

She explained that NFAA has begun negotiation with NP Gas Station to be the initial supplier of the pre-mixed gas.

The NFAA boss also disclosed that recently, with the help of the Liberia National Coast Guard, NFAA arrested two industrial fishing vessels.

Glassco said an additional six artisanal fishing boats that were found engaging in illegal activities in Liberia’s territorial waters were fined US$7, 000 each.

She also pointed out that plans are underway to restrict the number of vessels fishing within Liberia’s territorial waters in the not too distant future to conserve the fish stock.

Glasco indicated that with the help of the World Bank, NFAA has begun the necessary awareness to phase out monofilament fishing nets which, she noted, destroy juvenile fish stocks.

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