LIBERIA: Enrolment At Barclayville High Drops Due To Economic Reasons – Principal

Grand Kru County Flag – Liberia

BARCLAYVILLE, (LINA) – Enrolment at the Barclayville Central High School for Academic Year 2019 in Grand Kru has seriously dropped, something the administration attributes to economic constraints facing parents, wards and self-supported students.

Gee Marvin Young, Principal of the school, expressed frustration over the poor enrolment of students as compared to last academic year, adding that last year’s enrolment was over three hundred.

He said the total enrolment of student for this year is about 180.

When quizzed on the poor admission of students, he disclosed that students within the county, especially students of Barclayville Central High, despite of the prevailing economic crisis preferred to baffle the registration process.

But speaking to the Liberia News Agency on the school’s main campus in Barclayville, some senior students who prefer anonymity claimed that increase in the registration fees in the wake of financial difficulties was one factor for the low enrolment.

“As we speak now, the bulk of our schoolmates have already left the county and migrated to other areas to continue their academic sojourn in the face of the prevailing situation,” said some of the students.

The Central High School students appealed to the county administration and Legislative Caucus to come to the rescue of the students and administration by providing both logistical and financial support.

Other students cited the lack of improvement in the education system such that for five consecutive years there have been mass failure in the West African Examination Council annual exams due to lack of adequate textbooks to correspond with the Ministry of Education academic curriculum and the absence of laboratory, among others.

Principal Young also decried the lack of financial and motivational support from the Grand Kru County Legislative Caucus as contributing factors to the decline in the education system in the county.

Young indicated that the provision of motivation from local stakeholders and lawmakers toward educational workers, especially classroom teachers, and students that have over the years performed excellently in their respective activities, will lead to high level of progress in the educational sector.

He alleged that the county lawmakers have shown low interest in education and failed to visit various school campuses to assess the needs of education during their regular Agriculture Break in the county.

The Barclayville Central high school principal noted that continuous stopovers at public learning institutions by policy makers will enable them to identify the gaps in the sector and help in finding remedy to the situation.

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