LIBERIA: Electricity Corporation Says 100 Transformers Expected In May

The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) management says it is expecting about 90 new transformers in May to help ease demand and reduce tension on the current transformers in its transmission and distribution circuit.

Over the last 15 months the improved stability and reliability of the LEC’s generators and distribution network has led to enormous increased in electricity usage across Monrovia.

The LEC posted on its official Facebook page that electricity demand has grown from 15,000kwh in Jan 2018 to 22,000kwh in Feb 2019, leading to significant overloading and damage to networks (lines and transformers).

According to the statement, much of this overload is driven by electricity theft, currently costing LEC about US$3 million per month which is resulting in the corporation having over 60 transformers off the system.

This continued loss of revenue has placed LEC in a very difficult financial position, both robbing LEC of the money necessary to buy materials (wire, transformers etc.), fuel, and damaging the network feeding the public, the post indicated.

It said the LEC has now exhausted all stocks of transformers at its Bushrod Island warehouse, adding that they do not currently have transformers available for many paying customers who provide the revenue for the corporation.

Despite this difficulty LEC is faced with, it has returned 20 communities to power which includes Du Port Road, Cow Field, Zubah Town, among other communities around Montserrado with the support of the government.

While this is not enough, the post said, it is everything that LEC can currently afford with its limited finances.

However, the LEC wishes to extend thanks to all valued paying and regularized customers for their patience and support, noting that without their customers there would be no electricity.

The management is also reminding the public and its valued customers that only those who obtain receipt for a transformer from its Customer Service Office will be eligible to receive it when the new consignment arrives in May.


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