LIBERIA: Education Safest Way To Elevate Poverty… Says Tugbeh C. Tugbeh

A Lecturer at the University of Liberia Mr. Tugbeh C. Tugbeh has said that education is one of the safest ways to elevate poverty in society.

He said that whenever an educated man or woman is seeing suffering in poverty, his quality of education needs to be check because either he cannot go in a competitive environment and survive due to the weak foundation through which he built his education.

Mr. Tugbeh was speaking recently when he served as Guest Speak at the First Senior High School Graduation Program of the Christian Home Academy (CHA), in the 72nd Community Paynesville City. He spoke on the Topic: Quality Secondary Education, the Pathfinder to Successful Future Endeavors”.

He used the occasion to call on parents to play key role in sustaining a quality education for their children. He encouraged parents to create the opportunity for their children to enter vocational or college education upon high school graduation, noting that going to college now a day is no longer an expenses issue.

“We as parents, the best thing do is not to wear the best of cloths on graduation day or call big party for our graduates because high school graduation is the foundational process or the end of the foundation of our children education. When the children leave high school, they start a new life. They must now be encouraged to go after vocational or college education” Mr. Tugbeh added.

Mr. Tugbeh who is also a Representative Hopeful for District #5, Montserrado County comes 2023, maintained that when education is built on solid foundation, you disconnect your child or children from poverty because you have created an investment for your family.

He reminded the parents and graduates that time is the enemy of human being as such, parents should discourage their children from running after money by going to markets to sell upon completion of high school.

He told the graduates not to consider high school as their end in the pursuit of education but to go further saying that “there is always a way when you try; you have a future to go for and you must challenge the future and don’t allow the future to challenge you”.

The Liberian Educator said that it is painful to see high school graduates to abandon either vocational or college education and end in the streets or marketplaces. He informed the graduates that those who went to universities are not better them and encouraged them to make the determination to go to college. He noted that those determination will help to separate or elevate them from poverty adding that whatever the situation is when educated, one will away fine bread for their family.

He thanked the Graduating Class who effort is reality that brought together the gathering. He said if students have not agreed to go to school the day couldn’t have been a reality; if the teachers who modeled them had not work, the day wouldn’t not be a reality. A school without students is not a school and a school without teachers is also not a school.”

Mr. Tugbeh also rained praises on the parents and guardians who made huge sacrifices to send their children to school as an investment in their future.

The Montserrado County District #5 Representative Hopeful awarded full scholarship to the Valedictory to attend the University of Liberia up to completion.

Eight students received diplomat in completion of their high school studies.

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