LIBERIA: Education Ministry Warns ‘Private School’ Authorities Not To Compel Students To Purchase Uniforms On Campuses

Professor Ansu Sonii, Minister of Education

As parents of school-going kids ponder over the huge financial hardship being encountered during the coming school year; with the high racketed of tuitions and the purchase of uniform for their children, the Ministry of Education has strongly warned school authorities around the country not to compel students to purchase uniforms on their respective campuses.

In a statement issued on Friday, August 16, 2019 by the Ministry, it said the purchase of uniforms by parents for their children should be optional and not compulsory, noting that any school authority caught in defiance to the ministry’s mandate that school will be penalized.

Meanwhile, the ministry is calling all students to report any school whose authority has violated the ministry order.

Prior to this new regulation by the Ministry of Education school authorities, particularly private schools were in the habit of compelling parents to purchase their kids uniform  at high cost.


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