LIBERIA: “Education Delayed, Should Not Be Education Denied,” President Weah

President Weah Speaking at Smart Liberia Photo Credit: Executive Mansion

The Liberian leader, Dr. George Manneh Weah has called on Liberians, specifically parents, to make education a top priority for their children upon whom the nation depends for its future development.

He said while there might be challenges, parents should leave no stone unturned in exploring every possibility and infusing the last ounce of their resources to ensuring children get access to quality education, adding, “Education delayed should not be education denied.”

Speaking Monday, July 22, 2019 at programs marking the official dedication of the headquarters of SMART Liberia on 2nd Street, Sinkor, the Liberian Chief Executive described education as a way of life that should not be limited to any particular child.

“I am proud to be part of this all-important initiative which is being undertaken by SMART Liberia,” the President said. “I agree with those who say education is the essence of life; but I want go further to say education is life.”

He continued: “I therefore want to encourage parents not to limit their children because we were told to maximize our actual potentials.  To put a kid in the market could be understood as a form of education since they are exposed to the virtue of hard work and diligence, but emphasis must be placed on theoretical education.”

“I know that education is important,” the President stressed. “That’s why I want to encourage everyone, every Liberian, particularly those who might still be behind on the education ladder, that education delayed should not be education denied. It doesn’t matter what you do, but as time goes by, you must return to the classroom so you can be of help to yourself and the nation.”

Dr. Weah thanked the management of SMART Liberia for their innovative programs aimed at developing the full potential of young people, assuring them that his administration is ready to partner with the institution to reach its goal.

SMART Liberia is a platform established by young innovative Liberians to empower young people with skills development in order to achieve their dreams of becoming useful citizens.

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