LIBERIA: ECOWAS Envoy Says Collective Effort Will Help Tackle Climate Change

The Special Representative of the President of the ECOWAS Commission to Liberia, Babatunde O. Ajisomo, has said that with collective effort the country can tackle climate change and can get out of the situations that endanger the livelihood and improve the trend to protect human security.

According to him, with prospects of amplified climate disturbances, several initiatives should be taken at the regional level, nothing that there is a growing number of initiatives such as the dialogue on water and climate aimed at developing a sub-regional action for reducing West Africa’s vulnerability to climate change.

A proxy on behalf of Ambassador Ajisomo, the Director of the National Center for the Cordination of Response Mechanism, Roland T. Clarke, said the effective and sustainable achievement of most of the identified measures requires some form of interstate collaboration and coordination either at the trans-boundary or regional levels.

Clarke pointed out that water scarcity, longer dry seasons, higher temperatures, reduced agricultural productivity, food insecurity, loss of livelihood, health hazards as well as energy crisis and disaster security, which are issues that are impacting the region, are the results of climate change.

“Early warning system will prepare Liberia to tackle the climate change situation confronting the country,” he noted.

He was speaking at the University of Liberia in observance of the International Day of Peace under the theme: “West Africa and Climate Change.”

He stated that “nothing can be more severe than rapid climatic changes, and nations should develop the knowledge base and capacity required to reduce vulnerability to climate change and to facilitate the integration of climate change adaptation into national development planning processes.


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