LIBERIA: Dukuly Expresses Disappointment In Weah’s Administration, But – Calls On Organizers of December 30 Protest To Dialogue

A former senatorial candidate in the most recent Montserrado County by-elections, Mohammed Dukuly has expressed serious disappointment in President George Weah’s administration over what he calls ‘massive sufferings’ of the Liberian people.

Speaking to reporters Thursday in Monrovia, Dukuly said looking at the situation in the country, no one can argue the ‘abysmal performance’ of the arrangement of the government, the ‘lackadaisical attitude of President George Weah and the cabal of kleptomaniacs and bandits’ he brought along.

“In fact and sadly, so, it’s an open secret that under this CDC arrangement of a government, Liberians strive beyond measure to cope with the painful realities of the wholesale looting and mismanagement of national coffers and resources,” Dukuly said

According to him, it’s no denial, the monumental socioeconomic hardships, never seen before, due to the ‘unjustifiable employment of unprofessional, unqualified, unproductive, inept, corrupt, and unpatriotic Liberians’ in government-all in the name of partisanship.

“Undoubtedly, there is no doubt about the blatant disregard for judicial equality, accountability, and the diverse of good governance,” he added.

Dukuly said he doesn’t believe in any ‘whimsical’ that could leave in more pain than relief and with more problems than solutions.

“Unapologetically, we therefore, astronomically distance ourselves, here and now, from any movement, protest, or campaign solely purposed at asking George M. Weah as President of Liberia to step down,” he added.

He further added “owing to our allegiance to Liberia and the general good of its people, we hereby wholeheartedly welcome any peaceful assembly or dialogue within the confines of the law, to present grievances and seek timely and amicable redress to the current socioeconomic paralysis.”

Meanwhile, Dukuly said his statement should and must not create any impression, in anyway and at any time, that they are apologists of the ‘unsavory and furtive regime’ of President George Weah.

“Whilst we understand the frustration of the Liberian people due to unwarranted hard times caused by corrupt, dishonest and unscrupulous elements of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of this CDC arrangement of government, we believe strongly that a campaign asking the president alone to step down, leaving behind a cartel of thieves and goons in his cabinet and his accomplices and surrogates in both the legislature and judiciary to continuously misdirect the affairs of this nation is nowhere close to any short or long term solutions to the current socioeconomic and political nightmare Liberians face,” he said.

He further added: “If President George Weah must step down now, then, we believe, it must be done concomitantly alongside unprincipled elements of the judicial, legislative and judiciary branches.”

Although Dukuly is not happy with the Weah’s administration, but wants Liberians use the ballot box which is more democratic.

“With the increased waves of lawlessness across a nation that is still struggling to maintain its fragile peace, reconciliation through meaningful dialogues and interactions is what Liberians need most right now,” he further cautioned the organizers.

He said until Liberians can muster the courage to wisely use their voting power in 2020 and 2023 to elect professional, qualified, ethical and experienced legislators along a president with probity and nationality who will uphold the trust and prioritized the utmost wellbeing of Liberians and not loot national coffers and merry make, a Weah step down campaign is absurdly counterproductive and disingenuously threatening to the reconciliation, peace and stability of Liberia.

“We therefore, call on all Liberians to say no to the planned December 30 Weah step down campaign. Liberia is all we have and to get the best out of this nation, we must remain responsible, law-abiding, and peaceful citizens at all times,” he urged. TNR

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