LIBERIA: Dr. Daniel Cassell Provides Financial Assistance To 35 Tubman High Students, Pays Project Fees

By Sekou B. Kamara

The beneficiaries

Over thirty five students of the William V.S. Tubman High School in Sinkor, the suburb of the Monrovia were overwhelmed when the Vision Bearer of the opposition People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Daniel E. Cassell paid their project fees in the amount.

The students involved were reportedly stranded in the payment of the amount, a situation that made the students to seek the financial help of the PLP Vision Bearer, who agreed to come to their rescue by paying US$700 towards the students’ project fees.

According to the students each of them was asked to pay US$20 for their senior class project towards the construction of a Tubman Monument on their campus, but unfortunately some of them could not afford to pay the amount to me

The students under the leadership of Sekou Kaba, expressed profound thanks and appreciation for what he termed as timely and important intervention.

As for Dr. Cassell, he encouraged the students to prioritize education and remain fully engage with learning because, according to him the students are the future leaders.

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