Liberia Diabetes Center to attend 33rd annual conference on Diabetes in the United States

Mr. James Momo during one of his visits in Liberia speaking on the importance of diabetes testing

The Liberia Diabetes Center located on Front Street in Monrovia, Liberia has been extended an invitation to attend the 33rd annual clinical conference on diabetes, according to a dispatch from the United States, the conference   runs from May 24-27.

The 2018 conference, under the auspices of the American Diabetes Association, is expected to convene in Florida, the United States. Under the theme “Expanding the View: What is Diabetes” the three days conference is expected to bring together diabetes educators and other health care professionals that are directly providing care to people with diabetes globally.

The dispatch quoting the founder of the Liberia Diabetes Center, Mr. James Momoh, the invitation and participation of the Liberia Diabetes Center in such a global health event, will provide the Liberia Diabetes Center the opportunity to provide participants independent accounts on the plight of the Liberia diabetes community, and the need for global diabetes institutions to come to the aid of the people with diabetes in Liberia.

“People with diabetes in Liberia needs proper health care and social support, a major problem confronting the Liberia diabetes community”. Momoh further explained, that the participation of the Liberia Diabetes Center in such a global health event is a result of the positive impact that the Liberia diabetes center is making in the lives of people suffering from diabetes in Liberia.

Momoh disclosed that the Liberia Diabetes center proactive engagement in the country through it awareness and testing initiatives, has contributed to reducing the fatality rate that was associated to diabetes, due to its awareness campaign on the disease prevention and management.

On the number of participants at the conference, from the Liberia Diabetes Center, Momoh disclosed that the center is looking forward to the participation of a Liberian registered nurse who is currently an affiliate of the Liberia Diabetes Center, to enhance her nursing skills in providing the needed care to our targeted population.

According to Momoh, diabetes has become a global medical condition that needs global attention as the disease is said to be the leading cause of death and disability.

Momoh further disclosed that the type 2 diabetes is the most common in Liberia, a condition that is often acquired due to poor eating habits, the lack of exercise and obesity.  He admonished Liberians to join the Liberia Diabetes center in the fight against diabetes in Liberia by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

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