Liberia Deserves Endless Peace, Amid Opposition CDC Emergency Meeting

AHEAD OF TODAY’S emergency meeting by the former governing party, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to address what they perceive as “President Joseph N. Boakai’s lawlessness,” this medium is here urging all involved to be peaceful and remain civil in their utterances.

THE DECISION TO convene this meeting, according to a statement by the CDC is to underscore the party’s commitment to maintaining order and upholding ethical standards in politics.

THE STATEMENT BY the CDC also noted that the meeting is anticipated to play a pivotal role in reaffirming principles of governance, transparency, and accountability, as stated by the CDC.

AS IT IS noted in the statement, the CDC will take a resolute stance, aimed at demonstrating their dedication to fostering a just and respectful political environment that serves the public’s best interests.

WITH THE ABOVE as stated by the CDC, we pray that their motives at today’s gathering will exhibit peace and unity, especially by youthful and militant partisans of the CDC in a bit to avaoid any spilled over actions that might trigger any and all forms of violence. While we applaud the party’s unflinching resolve to compelling national government to do the right thing, especially relative to their “Boakai’s disregard for Supreme Court rulings constituting a breach of law and order” claims, the overarching objective should remain peace, tranquility and unity for Liberia and all Liberians.

WITH THESE PENDING discussions at today’s meeting, we hope it will all go well with all Liberians, be it the opposition or the ruling establishment; Liberia is all that we have, therefore, let us keep the current peace and forge ahead as one nation and people.

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  1. Beh Maweah-Gehi says

    I am calling on the American government keep close watch on the so-called CDC opposition. These people were in power but never observed rules of law, good governance and many Moore. They should not be giving chance to destabilize our democracy. Those indicted officials of CDC government should be prosecuted immediately to serve as deterrence to the others.

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