LIBERIA: Deputy Speaker, Fonati Koffa Vows To Commit Aggressively In Pushing Budgetary Allotment For Improved Road Network In South East

L/R: Speaker Chamber and Deputy Speaker Koffa apparently comparing notes

The newly elected House Deputy Speaker Honorable Counselor J. Fonati Koffa has vowed to aggressively push for budgetary allocation in the next three years of CDC government first term in an effort to address the challenge of road connectivity in the South east.

According to Deputy Speaker Koffa his aggressive Legislative advocacy will focus on allotting l 50 million United States dollars each fiscal year to tackle the South East road corridor challenge.

“We cannot wait for the big loan estimated at 100 million United States dollars to address the long time road challenge in the South east, Deputy Speaker Cllr. Koff noted”

According to his calculation, giving the long stretch of road, 50 million United States dollars can be directed to the road initiative to tackle 5 miles annually with the total of 150 million United States dollars for three years.

Deputy Speaker Koffa described such move as significant progress for the country’s development drive especially in the area of roads when fully supported and implemented, a key development focus of the George Weah Coalition for Democratic Change government.

It can be recalled that President George Weah named construction and rehabilitation of roads to connect the counties capital to Monrovia as cardinal on the CDC government Pro Poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity.

The Grand Kru district two Representative lamented the high economic cost of living in the South east of the country due to bad road connectivity.

“This aggressive Legislative advocacy is intended to address extreme difficulties our people and Liberians are faced with causing basic commodities to sky rocket on a day to day account.

“I am of the strongest conviction that my colleagues at the 54th Legislature will give their support to what I intend to proffer in the coming days, Representative Koffa sounded”.

Deputy Speaker Koffa who represents Grand Kru county district two was also responding to concerns from callers on ELBC Super Morning Show mostly from the South east of Liberia

Most of the callers recounted difficulties traveling in the South east, while expressing  curiosity about what would be Representative Koffa’s intervention in helping to address the major challenge of bad network in the South east with his political promotion as Liberia’s new Deputy Speaker.

Representative Cllr. Koffa at the same time pledged his renewed Legislative commitment to his district two and Grand Kru County in the discharge of duties as second in command at the House of Representatives.

“My ascendency will positively impact my constituents and the generally my peace loving Grand Kru citizens, Deputy Speaker Cllr. Koffa assured.”

According to Deputy Speaker Cllr. Koffa, his new portfolio will not cause him relax on his commitment to those who entrusted him with state power.

Representative Koffa intimated that his Legislative attention will focus a lot of development priorities especially education.

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