LIBERIA: Dark Cloud Hangs Over Weah’s Led-Gov’t, As Jerome Verdier And Others Pressing Forward

Mr. Jerome Verdier

What seems to be a serious predicament on one of the holder of Africa’s youngest presidencies is said to be unfolding here in Liberia as the world’s popular soccer icon and the 25th president of Africa’s oldest republic,  Liberia, George Manneh Weah is finding it difficult to settle the political dust since his ascendancy.

His critics internally and externally are pondering over as to how his insensitivity to the plight of his people and his governing system can be overhauled, while other rights groups are also compiling those things that are not being done correctly in order to track the interest of the majority who have now become the victims of circumstance.

In order to ease the suffering of the majority over the minority who have conceived the idea that ‘It is our time to enjoy’ at the detriment of those who earlier pushed for a real change is becoming to overshadow nationalism, patriotism to oneself and further careless for the rest in their bid to overly enrich themselves and their immediate family members.

As this situation continue to worsen in the hands of ‘This is our time’, advocates for justice abroad who have realized that the majority who are now living at the mercy of the minority must have the fair share of their resources instead of it been in the hands of  a particular group of people.

This outlet has gathered that one of those who has taken up this challenge to making sure that Liberians enjoy the wealth of their beloved country is the former head of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Mr. Jerome Verdier who recently testified before the US Congress explaining the unbearable situation of Liberians who are in the majority.

Verdier in his testimony prayed to the United States Congress for the imposition of sanctions on those who believed that they are untouchable and are currently draining down the resources of the country because they are in power.

According to information gathered, there are about two hundred names being currently verified by some twenty-nine War and Economic Crimes investigator that had visited Liberia on several occasions from the Era of former President  Samuel Doe up to present; these atrocities committed and recorded from the Doe Era up to this current government of President George Weah has been concluded but the technical details are slowly being worked out.

The Travel Ban and Assets Freeze in a similar style like that of the Charles Taylor era. Names as far back as the Doe era are on the list. The head of Project Liberia in the States was recently removed from the Liberian desk for his continued plead for sympathy on those being investigated due to his ongoing ties with Liberia. He has been appointed a head of the Gambia Desk in an effort to bring the former President of the Gambia, Yaya Jammeh to Justice.

It is also believed that an international corporate institution operating in Liberia is sponsoring the sanctions regime against Pres. WEAH-CDC led Government. Unfortunately, for the Weah-CDC led government, it is going down a slippery slope at an uncontrollable pace and sooner than later it will hit rock bottom.

According to one of the investigators on the Liberian project, all United States citizens that are currently working in the Weah CDC led government, names will be automatically placed on the sanctions list. Some of the names mentioned were Todd Garlo, Piso Saydee, Mawannie Diggs, Gerald Smith, Prince Woods, Jones Blamo, Jerome Korkoya, Sam Joe and the list goes on.

The choice to make Liberia great again lies in the preview of the Liberian President. The establishment of the War and Economic Crimes Court is not going away anytime soon. The President of the Republic of Liberia either establishes the War and Economic Crimes Court or suffered a similar fate of that of  Charles Taylor and Samuel Doe.

What is currently happening in Liberia is stage-manage, particularly to destroy the economy of the Republic of Liberia allowing the population to rise up against the President and his CDC led government. Unfortunately for the President of the Republic of Liberia, Mr. George Manneh Weah, his heart is hardened in the support of those who committed heinous crimes against humanity and stole millions of the Republic money that is being kept in foreign banks.

A few days ago the United States Department of State released yet another damning report on the Weah CDC led government citing massive corruption, impunity, censorship, and harassment of the Press.

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