LIBERIA: Customers to Begin Paying Electricity Bills in Grand Gedeh and Maryland this Month

The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) will effective June, 2019, commence the commercialization of the rural electrification grids in Grand Gedeh and Maryland Counties.

Following commercialization, residents and businesses connected to the grid in both counties will commence payment of electricity bills. Customers will be classified in two categories: metered and unmetered customers. The metered customers will be billed for payment at the end of month while unmetered customers will be placed on flat rate and an agreed amount will be determined based on a customer’s consumption or load. Metered customers will be charge US$0.25 per kilowatts/hour, and all payments will be made at the available bank(s) in Grand Gedeh and Maryland counties.

Payment of electricity bills will be made in both United States and Liberian dollars at the prevailing rate. Flat rate customers will be required to make payment between the 1st and 15th of each month. Failure on the part of any customer to meet up with said payment schedule, they will be disconnected and upon settlement of bill a reconnection fees will be charged.  Metered customers will be required to make payment at the end of each month upon receipt of electricity bill.

The LEC would like to encourage all residents and businesses connected in the two counties to kindly cooperate with this new policy, which is aimed at raising revenue for the expansion and maintenance of the grid and to also enable the Government of Liberia to settle the huge arrears owed the Government of Ivory Coast.

The LEC would also like to assure the people of Grand Gedeh and Maryland of the corporation’s commitment to increasing access to reliable and affordable electricity, which is intended to improve the livelihood of citizens living in these counties.

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