LIBERIA: Cummings’ Lawyers Request WhatsApp Conversation In CPP Chartroom

ANC Political leader, Alexander Cummings

Prosecuting lawyers in the case involving ANC political leader Alexander Cummings push for Whatsapp conversations in the CPP chatroom as pieces of evidence

According to State lawyers, the initial evidence which Mr. Cummings lawyers claimed was altered and some key conversions omitted, is not part of the ones the Court has, as such; they are therefore requesting that those sheets containing the conversations provided by Cummings lawyers be rejected while the WhatsApp providers be asked to help with the original.

The state lawyers are also requesting defendant Cummings to provide proof of his recent Travel to the United States, as the Prosecutors expressed disbelief about any travel done by Cummings during the trial.

Meanwhile, Cummings Lawyers have argued for the Court to dismiss the two requests made by the State; adding, the request for Subpoena Duces tecum does not clearly indicate to whom it should be addressed.

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