LIBERIA: Cummings Africa Foundation Donates Huge Assorted Medical Supplies In Maryland County

From E. Varney Kamah, GNN Correspondent, Maryland County*

In a bid to bring relief medically for the people of the southeastern county of Maryland, the Cummings Africa Foundation has donated several assorted drugs to several health centers in the county, following a tour of the county where the Foundation saw the needs for such initiative.

According to GNN Correspondent, the Foundation identified with Six health centers in the County with huge medical supplies on February 10, 2022, the  donation of the medical supplies was led by the wife of ANC Political leader Mrs: Theresa Cummings in the following health centers, J.J Referral hospital in Harper City, Pleebo health center, Pugbaken clinic, Karloken clinic in  Kalurway district,  Glofaken Clinic, CBAWiliken Clinic in Barrobo district, at the same time  Cummings Africa Foundation (CAF)  presented a sum  of US$5,000 as scholarship funds for students at Tubman University.

Speaking to our Correspondent in the County, Wede Elliot Brownell, country director, says the gesture is the Foundation’s way of identifying with Liberians.

Dr. Brownell details the assorted drugs donated  include 25 boxes of Malaria tablets, 5 boxes of Azithromycin, 150 packs of Vitamin C’, 9 boxes of Paracetamol tablets, 50 bottles of Selenium, 100 boxes of Zinc tablets, 7 cartons of Alcohol bottles, 3 cartons of Sanitizers, 10 cartons of clora bleach, 6 cartons of bars fresh spring soap, 3 cartons of bars medical soap, 7 cartons of laundry soap, 1 carton of plastic beg pads, 2 packs of skin ointment, 1 oxygen concentrator, 3 oxygen regulator, 10,000 pieces of nose masks and 5,000, 000 pieces of groves, amongst others.

The Cummings Africa Foundation country director reveals that more donations are ahead but cautions administrators of the benefiting institutions to use the items for the intended purpose.

“We can assure the people of Maryland that the Cummings Africa Foundation is ready to deliver or help our people”, she assures.

She expresses delight that Maryland county is getting something about this time and the beneficiaries should appreciate the Cummings Foundation.

For her part, Mrs. Theresa Cummings, wife of Mr. Alexander B. Cummings commended the people of Maryland specifically, the administrations of those health facilities for their support to the people of the county.

“Let me say on behalf of my husband Alexander B. Cummings, thank you for accepting these little items from the Cummings Africa Foundation, we remain committed to supporting our people across the country,” Madam Cummings said.

Receiving the items, Madam Julia Natt, administrator of JJ Dossen Referral hospital said, the donation is neither the first nor the second from the Foundation, recalling that when Madam Fatu Kainima headed the Foundation, it identified with the hospital for the first time and during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Eric Giko provide rice and IPC supply to the hospital.

“So today donation is the third time for the Cummings Africa Foundation to identify with the hospital. We are overwhelmed, grateful and happy to know that the Cummings Foundation is away thinking about the hospital in the county”, she notes.

“On behalf of the administration of JJ Dossen Referral hospital, CHO Dr. George who could have loved being here but due to other basis schedules he isn’t here and the Management and staffs, including our patients, we want to say thank to the Cummings Africa Foundation for their supports to our health sector in the county”.

Mrs. Natt adds that despite the road condition, Mrs. Cummings has tried to join the delegation to reach the county, noting that the items presented with be used for the intended purpose.

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