Liberia Creeps Into Dark Days, As Western Sector Turns Bloody

As the much anticipated December 8, 2020 Midterm Senatorial Election draws closer, and aspirants are doing all to capture the hearts of voters, Liberia’s western region is said to be engulfed with electoral violence making many to sustain serious injuries, particularly in Grand Cape Mount County.

Residents of Grand Cape Mount County are living in fear due to what many called ‘Blood Bath’ which took place last weekend between supporters of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) aspirant Simon Taylor and the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) aspirant Victor Watson, who is alleged of trucking people from Sierra Leone to register in the ongoing voter roll update in that part of western Liberia.

At least three persons have reportedly sustained major injuries, including a journalist, Omaska Jallah of the News Newspaper. The incident occurred at two separate locations in the County.

This latest incident which took place early this week in that part of the Country has created fear in many Liberians, many of whom who foresee their Country returning those dark days, where innocent people are usually killed for nothing just for others to ascend to state power at the detriment of their victims.

As situation around the country, specifically in western Liberia gets worsen, the electoral body of Liberia, the National Elections Commission (NEC) must see reason  to bring to book those reportedly in the trucking of voters from one place to another which has given rise to electoral violence and frauds in that part of the Country.

Few weeks ago, it was reported by this outlet about the hiring of over eight hundreds foreign nationals, mainly the Fulanis by Grand Gedeh County District # 2 Representative, Emmanuel Zoe Pennue to vote for him in the upcoming midterm senatorial elections scheduled for December 8, 2020.

This report was incredible to many Liberians who wondered and questioned this lawmaker (Rep. Emmanuel Zoe Pennue) as to why non-Liberians be allowed to vote in Liberian election; it is baffling to note that a seating lawmaker has given room to the violation of our laws.

The Constitution of Liberia is the supreme law of the Republic of Liberia, it gives Liberians to full rights to vote their choice, and further disallowed non-Liberians not to do same, but this time around aspirants in the upcoming midterm senatorial elections are violating the Constitution.

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