LIBERIA: Court Simmons Transport Minister, Police Chief

Temple Of Justice – Seat of Liberia Judiciary

Monrovia Traffic Court summons Transport Minister Samuel Wlue and Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue over purported Traffic violation notice, amid complaints by licensed drivers

Traffic Court Judge Karsor Zubah indicates the summon is predicated upon numerous Complaints filed at the traffic Court by licensed drivers, who cars are being towed by an unknown Towing Company that bears the emblems of the Liberia National Police and the Ministry of Transport.

According to the write of summon, most of the individuals who filed their complaints at the traffic Court, were issued the purported Traffic Violation notice, and not the recognized Traffic Violation Tickets that are issued by LNP.

The licensed drivers complained to the court that the Violation notice has no company name, but only LNP and Ministry of Transport emblems on it.

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