LIBERIA: Court Purges Cllr. Gongloe, Others Of Contempt Charge

Cllr Taiwon Gonglo

The Chief Judge of the Commercial Court at  the Temple of Justice in Monrovia, Eva Mappy Morgan, has purged  Counselors Tiawon Gongloe, Momolu Kandakai and Philip Gongloe of the  contempt charge levied against them by the Judge.

The charge, according to the court, grew out of the three lawyers’  failure to advise their client to distance himself from press  interviews while a matter was still in court.

The court claimed that this act made the lawyers to be “in violation  of the code of moral and professional ethics,” and failure to “uphold  the dignity of the court.”

Judge Morgan lifted the contempt charge based upon a request from Cllr  Gongole, who asked the court to purge the charge against them,  indicating that he has served in the legal profession for 30 years  now, and that he is a good lawyer with morals and respectable character.

He said he will not do anything to undermine the rule of law, and  therefore appealed to the court to clear them of the contempt charge.

Judge Morgan stated that Cllr Gongloe ill-advised his client who  spewed insults and accused the Judge of stealing US$3.4 million from  the MOTC Company’s account at LBDI Bank.

However, Judge Morgan made it clear that she is a God-fearing person  who will not do such thing to anyone, adding, “I can never be so  wicked to steal money that does not belong to me within seven months.  How can this be?”

Judge Morgan indicated that the allegation has brought her reputation  as a Judge, who has served 30 years in the legal profession, to public  disgrace for no reason and without proof.

Judge Morgan said when his client was on the airwave; Cllr. Gongole  did nothing to stop him, but rather allowed him to do what he did when  the matter was sub-judice.

“However, when a matter is before court, it means it is sub-judice and  as such cannot be discussed on radio or in the newspaper,” she stated.

She cautioned lawyers to desist from giving their clients bad advises.

The three lawyers are representing the legal interest of businessman  Amos Brosius, who claims that Judge Morgan has illegally withdrawn the  sum of US$3.4 million from the bank account of Ducor Petroleum  Incorporated (DPI).

Brosius is said to be a minority shareholder of DPI, an enterprise  owned by Belgian businessman Charles Carron.

“The Counselors fell short of properly advising their client who  called a press conference and spoke on a radio talk show defying the  order of the court prohibiting him from completely acting in any  capacity of the DPI as General Manager until the outcome of the audit  and subsequent conclusion of all matters in these proceedings,” Judge  Morgan indicated.

Meanwhile, Cllr. Gongole along with the two other lawyers, who were  ordered arrested to be incarcerated for 20 days at the Monrovia  Central Prison, Tuesday walked out of the court with smiles on their  faces.

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