LIBERIA: Court Issues Travel Ban on ‘Sitting Lawmaker’ Rep. Yekeh Kolubah

Rep. Yekeh Kolubah

The Criminal Court “A” at the Temple of Justice has issued a Writ of Ne-Exeat Republica on Montserrado County District #10 lawmaker Yekeh Kolubah and five others to prohibit them from leaving the country.

Ne-exeat republica is a writ issued to restrain a person from leaving the jurisdiction of the court pending an action.

It was based upon a petition from Chief Prosecutor Cllr. Edwin Martin that Criminal Court ‘A’ Presiding Judge Roosevelt Willie issued the writ stopping the lawmaker and others from leaving the country so that they can face their criminal trial at the court.

According to County Attorney Martin, the writ is intended to disallow the defendants from leaving the country while the case is being tried.

At the same time, Judge Willie has ordered state security at various border points to arrest the living bodies of the lawmaker and the five other suspects if they attempt to leave the country.

The court’s mandate comes a day after the District #10 lawmaker surrendered himself at Criminal Court “A” to receive his indictment in the presence of three of his colleagues.

After signing his indictment, the lawmaker did not file any criminal appearance bond, but was given a period by Judge Willie to allow him secure a valid criminal appearance bond.

Kolubah along with Mohammed Keita, Abu Keita, Oliver Konneh, Johnson Kpor, and Mohammed Kaba  were indicted during the May Term of Court for multiple offenses, ranging from aggravated assault, criminal attempt to commit murder, kidnapping, criminal facilitation and criminal solicitation.

The lawmaker was charged for allegedly ordering his personal bodyguards to flog and torture a resident of his district identified as Emmanuel Freeman.

The five suspects were arrested on June 5 following a distress call from victim Freeman whom Police officers met lying under a market stall opposite Representative Kolubah’s house naked, handcuffed, and with wounds on his head and bruises on his body.

The court has given Representative Kolubah a 72 hour ultimatum to submit a valid criminal appearance bond or risk being arrested, consistent with law.

Meanwhile, the court has ordered the re-arrest of defendants Abu Keita, Mohammed keita, Oliver Konneh, Johnson Kpor, and Mohammed Kaba for allegedly filing fake criminal appearance bonds.

This is not the only case that is pending against Representative Kolubah, who is also facing charges of misconduct at the House of Representatives.

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