LIBERIA: Court Detains Soltiamon School Dean, Proprietor On Multiple Charges

The Monrovia City Court on Tuesday detained the Dean of Students Affairs and the Proprietor of the Soltiamon Christian School on charges of aggravated assault and criminal facilitation.

Defendants Solomon Joah Jr. and Solomon Joah Sr. were escorted to the Monrovia Central Prison based on a complaint filed by Abel B. Williams. alleging that his minor daughter was beaten severely by the Dean of Students Affairs during which she sustained serious bodily injury.

The defendants were arraigned before the court to answer to the charges levied against them and were informed by Magistrate Kennedy Peabody of their constitutional right to remain silent or secure a lawyer.

Magistrate Peabody said the crime committed by Dean Joah is a bailable offense and that the defendants have to proffer valid criminal appearance bonds to secure their release, noting that if they fail to get a bond they would be remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison.

The wife of defendant Joah, Sr. broke down in tears when she saw her husband and son being taken to jail.

A writ of arrest was issued against the son and father who are owners of the Soltiamon Christian School on July 2, 2019.

The writ stated that on May 20, 2019, in the area of 20th Street in the Monrovia suburb of Sinkor, co-defendant Solomon Joah Jr., who is a teacher at the school, purposely and intentionally whipped and inflicted injuries on the body of student Saluwa L. Cassa.

She sustained several bruises on her body and buttocks.

The writ pointed out that the action of the co-defendant was intentionally ignored by Solomon Joah, Sr., the principal of the school.

According to the writ, the alleged act of the defendants is unlawful, wicked, illegal and intentional and is in violation of the Penal Law of Liberia.

The defendants were arrested following issuance of the writ, investigated, charged and forwarded to court.

Meanwhile, they are currently behind bars at the Monrovia Central Prison awaiting court trial.

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