LIBERIA: Court Charged Perpetrators Of July 26 Protest Which Brutalize Several University Students

Criminal Court indicts seven CDC-COP members for brutalizing university students on July 26 has charged them with criminal attempt to commit murder

The court, through its Grand Jurors, charged defendants Ben Believe Togbah, Abdurrahman Barry, Aaron Chea, Foday Massaquoi, Joshua Karr, Pokar Roberts and Kendrick Peienah with the crimes of Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder which is a second degree Felony.

The indictment however said the defendant’s action was contrary to 4LCLR, Title 26, section 1.7(p) of the Penal Law of the Republic of Liberia and against the peace and dignity of the country.

Meanwhile, defense lawyer, Cllr. Author Johnson said the action of the prosecution to have filed an indictment for the arrest of his clients was deliberate and purposely intended to undermine the jurisdiction of the Monrovia City Court.

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