LIBERIA: Confusion Engulfs Labour Congress Following Election

By: Moses R. Quollin, contributor +231770922412/+231880922412|

The Acting President of the Liberia Labour Congress, Theresa T. Viskinda has rejected outcome of the just ended Extra Ordinary Convention terming it as fraudulent.

Madam Viskinda argues that significant clauses and articles of LLC bylaw and constitution were violated by the election commission, accusing the Congress Secretary General David Sackor of influencing the violations.

“As an Acting President and Presidential Candidate, we have written a formal complaint to through the Ministry of Labour to the Government of the Republic of Liberia and our international partners detailing how the process was singlehanded influenced by the Secretary General, Mr. David Sackor.” She said in a press statement.

David Sackor has meanwhile rejected claims attributed to Theresa Viskinda and her team, described as false and misleading.

LLC Extra Ordinary Convention held on February 7, 2020 featured Madam Theresa T. Viskinda (LLC Acting President) and Mr. Moibah K. Johnson (Head of Civil Servant Association) as candidates vying for the presidency following the death of the General President Alfred B.Z Summerville.

According to sources, the Viskinda Team filed in a protest, which was rejected, and boycotted the election due to what many believed to be “frauds coupled with constitutional violation” as quoted in the following counts:

That Article 7 count 1 of the LLC Constitution was violated by the Election Committee by accrediting and qualifying a candidate, Mr. Moibah Johnson, whose organization, the Civil Servant Association of Liberia has not been certified by the Ministry of Labour under the Labor Law of Liberia.

That the Press Union of Liberia, Motorcycle Transport Union and many other organizations to be identified whose membership has not been endorsed by the Liberia Labour Congress were allowed to participate in the February 7, 2020 election;

That the Election Committee failed to announce qualified members of convention delegates, publish Election guidelines prior to the holding of Election and total number of the ballots printed;

That the Election Committee printed ballot papers with names and photos of Madam Theresa Viskinda and Mr. Moibah Johnson without the process of screening and qualification;

That the seven (7) members Election Commitee set-up by the Elective Committee in the presence of Madam Deddeh Tulay of Solidarity Center was clandestinely and criminally replaced by the Secretary General, Mr. David Sackor. The David Sackor’s Election Committee worked in secret and darkness up to the time of the Election on February 7, 2020;

That three (3) members of the Elections Committee in persons of S. N. Sunny Doe (General Secretary), Tinapu Faniah and Tye K.S. Jaye withdrew from the process due to the manner and form, inconsistency and fraudulent manner under which the process was being conducted.

This medium also spoke with two observers, Dominic Reed of the Ministry of Labour and Deddeh Tulay of Solidarity Center. They both declined to give detail of their observations, referred this paper to the LLC leadership.

Dominic Reed: I didn’t end that process; I left because my wife was admitted at the hospital…

Dedded Tulay: At this point, I will prefer you speak with the federation itself, David Sackor and others…the Solidarity Center role is to help build the capacity of Unions including the national center-every union has its own challenges but we are here as a partner to them, and help with technical support…

When contacted the Election Commission Chair Brooks Togba, via mobile phone, angrily aborted the conversation noting he “could not speak to the matter on phone.” Meanwhile, three (3) members (out of the seven 7 commissioners) including Election Secretary General S. N. Sunny Doe have distanced themselves from the process on similar grounds.

Investigation continues.

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