LIBERIA: Citizens Overwhelm Of BMMC’s Progressive Job Opportunities In Western Liberia

Location of activities in Grand Cape Mount

The employment over three thousand Liberians and other nationalities by one Liberia’s partners-in-progress, the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) has indeed overwhelmed the beneficiaries of such initiative, who have resolved to pour huge praises on their benefactors.

Dozens of BMMC beneficiaries who spoke to journalists during a tour of the company’s facilities the employees could not withhold their feelings on the level of support being provided by this mining company which focus is to explore and mines gold in Grand Cape County, western Liberia.

The tour by journalists from major media houses in Monrovia was aimed at giving firsthand information of  the actual professional services of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation; its contributions to the growth and development of the Liberian economy, and to also verify a number of confused, and misleading information on the operations of the company in that part of the country, Liberia.

Earlier, the General Manager of BMMC,  Debar Allen in his brief PowerPoint presentation to the journalists spoke of the high level of cordial relationship between the citizens of the operational site and the company, and further  expressed his company’s commitment to fostering an improved relationship with the locals, and also vowed to remain engage at all time in the interest of both, the company and the locals.

The PowerPoint presentation which highlighted the professional services of BMMC, also told journalists of the  company’s project overview, and further used the occasion to answer questions from visiting journalists on the level of work been performed since the start of its operations in Liberia, specifically in western Liberia; Grand Cape Mount County, and the job opportunities being accrued over the years by the communities in the area of its operations.

BMMC – New Liberty Open Pit Mine – looking east

Explaining further, the BMMC General Manager said BMMC has  a 100% interest in the current Mineral Development Agreement (MDA), which was signed with the Liberian Government in November 2001, and subsequently amended on December 19, 2013. He also disclosed that the company is a 100% subsidiary of Avesoro Resources, and also revealed that the MDA property is situated 90 km in Grand Cape Mount County.

Following this presentation by the General Manager of BMMC, Mr. Allen, the team of journalists with the comprehension from  the PowerPoint presentation took off the time to tour the entire site of the company where locals were overjoyed to tell journalists about the kind of blessings BMMC has provided including the provision of loans to them, construction of vocational institution for women and young girl in acquiring advanced knowledge for better living.

BMMC – New Liberty Open Pit Mine – current progress

Speaking with some of the market women who said they have been blessed with a modern solid concrete market by the BMMC Management expressed thanks and appreciation to the management team of the company, adding, “We are happy and bless God for Bea Mountain Mining Company for coming to our rescue to build us a modern market. We used to sell in the rains, but now we have been situated here in this modern market building, we bless God for them”, one of the ladies beaming with smiles happily told journalists.

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