LIBERIA: Citizens Of Louisiana Township Complain Of Unilateral Selling Of Land Allegedly By The Commissioner

By: Our Staff

Flash Back: Aggrieved residents of Louisiana Township in Lower Montserrado County demanding justice in ongoing land disputes between them and one Blama Wright (Photo credit: FPA)

A team of GNN reporters who visited the township of Louisiana in Montserrado County were greeted with mountain of criticisms and complains about the reported misused of power including the unilateral and deliberate selling of their lands in the township Allegedly by the Township Commissioner, Moses  K. White

Many of the citizens who spoke to our reporters and declined to be named for retaliation from the office of the Commissioner, also alleged that the township Commissioner sold public lands belonging to the township which should not be sold for any reason, including the grave yard.

Speaking further the youth group of the Township alleged that funds collected from marketers are not accounted for, a situation they noted has not been addressed,

Speaking further to our reporters, the citizens alleged that the rock query located in the township has over the years made millions of United States dollars, but such amounts have not been accounted for the township leadership.and what is their social responsibility to the township.

With all of these allegations leveled against the Commissioner and his councilmen to contact them proved  unsuccessful, as our reporters were told that the Commissioner was not available to speak to the press. Some of his councilmen who were spotted and quizzed to comment on the allegation also declined.

Our team is expected early next week to once again visit the township aimed at meeting with the Commissioner to clarify on these allegations leveled against him.

Investigation continues

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