LIBERIA: ‘Citizens of Gbarpolu County are Disappointed In The CDC-led Government’ – Senator Naatehn Declares

By Amos Harris

Gbrapolu County Senator, Daniel Naatehn told journalists that the citizens of Gbrapolu County are disappointed in the CDC-government, and further lamented that the people of Gbarpolu County are in hardship under this government, noting that they are also facing   serious economic challenges.

Senator Naatehn, who is seeking re-election Gbarpolu County, “said the people of Gbarpolu County are disappointed in the George Weah and his government the people are regretting voting for this government”

Speaking to a team of journalist at this office Monrovia on Friday, February 10, 2023, said he did not support the CDC during the election but rather supported the Unity Party under Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, this is not politics is about the people interest in county, the people voted you as a president, you should be thinking about the people who voted you as a president”

 Meanwhile, Senator Naatehn said citizens of Gbarpolu County lack basic commodities, various districts and towns, including the only referable hospital in the county, he said currently hospital which was built by this government is not yet opens to the public use.

 “Senator Naatehn said  I have make personal   contributions   people in  the  county  worth three million Liberian  dollars and  eight  thousand  united states  dollars  to people  for their personal  use, beside other personal   development  in the county” .

Meanwhile, Senator Naatehn   asking the president  to build  road  in the Bale Forest  and  make the  passion  center for post-secondary education to provide vocational education, or technical skills for the people of  Gbarpolu  county.

Meanwhile, Senator Naatehn quoting  former Minister of State and  presidential  Affairs Nathaniel McGill saying “…even if I was stealing the money and giving it to the Liberian people, that’s a good thing I’m doing, because at least I’m not stealing it and carrying it to Europe… We take the small money we get we go to our people and build house there…”

 “Stolen” money here in Liberia will be beneficial to the citizens, especially the locals where the money was invested.

“So, I get the money, should I take it to Ghana? But if Bong County has the house, will I take it from here and carry it? The day God takes me; I’ll carry the house with me? Our grandchildren will come and say Bong County is looking fine,” he said.

“Why such human being should come from a beautiful county like Gbrapolu County, Nathaniel F. McGill is an evil man, history will judge him, and history will remember him”

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