Chinese Doctor Promises Better Health Delivery

Doctor Sun Lijuan Being Presented The Prestigious GIA By Rep. Edwin Melvin Snowe As Madam Juli Endee Standby

The Director of the Angel Medical Care Clinic has vowed to provide a more and efficient health delivery system in the country.

The Angel Medical Care Clinic is situated in Congo Town on outskirt of the nation’s capital, Monrovia.

Doctor Sun Lijuan said as she has done over the past five years, she is committed to providing better healthcare service for the people of Liberia.

Doctor Sun was speaking recently when she was awarded the prestigious Golden Image Award (GIA) for her invaluable services in the health sector of the country.

“I have been in Liberia for nearly five year ago in countless thrilling rescue scenes; going through the Ebola time; large scale typhoid outbreak, malaria and so on. I have cured more than 10,000 patients in the past five years in Liberia. I felt everything is worth even [to the point that] I have to work day and night sometimes, because I do care for each fresh life,” Doctor Sun told the gathering.

The Chinese Doctor, who also served as the head of the 9th China Medical Team before coming back to open the Angel Medical Care Clinic, dedicated the award to all foreign doctors in the country.

“I believe this award isn’t just for me, but for all foreign doctors who have been working in Liberia. Over here, I want to express my special thanks to the Liberian government and Chinese Embassy in Liberia. I really appreciate your help,” she asserted.

“I swear I will do my best, continue to contribute more to society,” Doctor Sun among other things added.

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