LIBERIA: Charles Gull Who Was Accused Of Stealing US$200K, But Fled The Country, Threatens To Call ‘Big Names’

Charles MacArthur Gull

Charles MacArthur Gull, the alleged corrupt-suspended Buchanan Port Manager stole over US$200,000 and have reportedly fled the country has vowed to expose, those he called “Big Hands” in the Weah’s CDC-led administration who are involved in the alleged corruption allegation linking him and his deputy…

It is widely reported on social media that Mr. Gull has escaped the country following a mandate from the court that state security should prevent him and others who have been accused of alleged corruption from leaving the country pending the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission investigation.

Charles Gull, who allegedly stole U$200,000.00 from the coffer of the Buchanan Port was along with the Chief Statistician, Amara Kamara suspended by the government of Liberia through National Port Authority on Friday, July 16, 2021, for their alleged involvement in diverting monies intended for the government of Liberia into their personal accounts.

But Mr. Gull on his official social media page over-posted over the weekend disclosed that he will provide information concerning the entire episode regarding the alleged corruption at the Buchanan Port linking him and others.

“It’s about time I speak and make clear about the entire allegation. I had no option than accepting under duress, Fear of death, being in imminent danger” he noted.

According to him, he has all of the relevant documents and communication in his possession regardless of the National Port Authority Officials locking his office.

“Locking my office not to get hold of any document was a failed attempt because every document I deemed essential, was kept on my I Cloud and it will be published to the press and the Liberian people,” he said. He did not say when such will be published.

Regarding his official public response to the allegation that links him to corruption at the Buchanan Port, his page indicated, “I won’t be the sacrificial lamb”.

“I am safe now, I can talk, if it wasn’t about my integrity, I would have kept quiet “he emphasized.

Mr.Gull however said he will apologize to friends that his clarity will expose, but indicated that it’s about his name being rubbed in the dirt while the real culprits are the big guns.

It can be recalled that he and the comptroller of the port of Buchanan were suspended and recommended to the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission for investigation followed that he embezzled of over three hundred thousand United States dollars. According to preliminary investigation, before he left the country, admitted that he stole the  over US$200,000…

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