LIBERIA: CH Rennie Hospital Medical Director admonishes Margibians to care for the hospital and its Nurses

By: Christopher Wiah~ GNN Correspondent In Margibi County*

The Medical director at the CH Rennie Hospital in Kakata, Margibi County is urging citizens and residents of the County to take more consideration into Supporting employees at the Government referral Hospital rather than stereotyping the nurses and the Hospital on perceived negative issues that has not been verified but wrongly communicated to the public over the years about its provided services.

Speaking as guest on a local radio station in the County, Dr. Yarvoh Massah Moore Wilson said, she wants every Margibian and other residents of the County to consider CH Rennie Hospital as their own property rather than taking their personal negative thoughts about its services that nurses and others professional employees are providing on a daily basis.

Dr. Yarvoh Moore Wilson narrated further that it is also unfair that much has been said about the Hospital in regards to its many  good and services rendered by its employees but rather, the high wave of perceived negativism that have engolve the minds of the people.

In response to question raised, the Rennie Medical director asserted that services provided at the Hospital are also free as compared to other private Healthcare facilities and therefore, those with the negative perceptions should immediately desist.

Doctor Yarvoh Massah Moore Wilson however encouraged Margibians and others Nationals in the County to be objectives on how their information for public consumption are share with the public.

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