Liberia: Careysburg Associate Magistrate Laid To Rest

Hundreds of mourners on Saturday filed past the casket of the newly commissioned Careysburg Associate magistrate Mrs. Mitchell Washington Dunbar and also laid  reeves on the casket bearing her remains.

Her husband Mr. George Dumbar and the  children greeted mourners at Faith Healing Temple Church in Liberia.

Families,  community members , workmates, were crying, grieving as they recalled separate fruitful moments with the late Associate magistrate .

The Liberian government represented by the Judiciary expressed shocked over her death, describing her passing as a great lost to the country.

They said her death brings to three the number of judges who died after training and taking up assignments under a special program to help revamp the country’s justice system.

The late Mitchell W. Dunbar was requited in 2016 as one of 60 candidates under the Liberian government special judicial institute training program to improve the quality of justice at the entrance level of the justice system and as well improve access to justice throughout Liberia .

With completion of the training program in May 2019, she was assigned in rural Montserrado county at the Careysburg court as Associate judge and took up assignment on September 2, 2019.

” Your plans have been aborted, you have broken our hearts Mitchell, said the Acting Personnel Wontee in a tribute.

Also, Judge Nancy Sammy an officer of the  trial judges of Liberia said, the death of Mrs. Dunbar is a blow to the organization as women judges are very low in the country.

In his funeral discourse, the Pastor of the Faith Healing Temple Church spoke on the theme, “We are dust”  and urged us to live In accordance with God’s principles because we are nothing but dust that God created and blew breath into.

He said the purpose of us on earth is to worship God only and love our fellow people.

In a more vocal tone the clergyman said the Bible is totally against people who are pride, wicked and not satisfied with the beauty God give them. Saying “man changing into woman, like wise woman too”.

He continued,  “brother Dunbar, God is with you, your wife has gone ahead; to you the family, you are to prepare yourself , tomorrow when you die you will see her”.

Rev. Saway told mourners at the funeral that  this world is not our home, we brought nothing into this world and we will take away  nothing.

Holding back his tears, her oldest son Wellington N. Philips, giving his mother’s  eulogy said, his mom live a life worth living that touches every soul despite social, religious or political affiliation.

“look around today in this gathering, u see we all grieve over her deaths  and leaves us with many questions to ponder over.

The former Associate Magistrate , Mitchell Washington Dunbar, was born Friday June 3, 1977 and live on earth exactly 42 years, 5-months, and 2- weeks.

She died at a local hospital in Monrovia where she went for regular checkup as she was 4-months pregnant.

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