LIBERIA: Bridge Int’l Academies Country Director Accused Of Sexual Harassment?- Investigation Continues

the Country Director of Bridge International Academies Liberia, Griffin Asigo

GNN investigation has uncovered information relating to the alleged involvement in sexual romance by the Country Director, Griffin Asigo of the Bridge International Academies Liberia office, and other ill-treatment been melted against staff of the NGO.

According to information which is still been investigation by our staff, Mr. Asigo who is currently out of the country is also been accused of elevating people, mainly women at the agency due to his closed relationship with them without allegedly going through the rightful channel, a situation that has reportedly dragged the entity to public ridicule.

Effort to contact Mr. Asigo by our staff proved unsuccessful as it was disclosed that he is currently out of the country, however, GNN learnt that one of the ladies (Name withheld) who is working at Bridge International Academies Liberia with whom he (Mr. Asigo) is allegedly having an affairs with husband has threatened to attack him upon his return from abroad.

Efforts also have been applied to contact the headquarters of Bridge International Academies in Nairobi, Kenya where it has been reported that he, Mr. Asigo is currently is to verify  his alleged sexual romance at his Monrovia office also proved unsuccessful.

However, detail of this report will be published in our subsequent publication, and also release names of those who have allegedly been sexually harassed by the Country Director of Bridge International Academies.

Investigation continues

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