Bong Lawmaker describe Bong CSOs as awful and vampire to development

By Emmanuel Mafelah |

Bong county Senator Henry Willie Yallah has sharply reacted to two Bong county civil society actors for their recent petition to the government of Liberia through the ministry of internal affair to place a blockage on the resolution emerging from the Bong County council sitting.

Addressing a team of Journalists in Gbarnga, Bong county, Senator Yallah said the two civil society actors, Mr. Jesse B. Cole of the Justice and Peace Commission and Mr. Aaron G. V. Juakollie of the Foundation for International Dignity are enemies to the development of Bong County.

The high core Bong County politician at the same time described Cole and Juakollie as wicked and awful to the progress and developments of the county evident by their recent action to place the county development in limbo other word to stop money intended for the county.

The Bong county Senator further said, both Jesse B. Cole and Aaron G. V. Juakollie are constantly in the hobbit of inciting citizens of the county to go at loggerhead with their Leaders under the pretend of advocating for the common people or the voiceless.

It can be record that recently, the Justice and Peace Commission and the Foundation for International Dignity petitioned the Liberian government through the Ministry of Internal Affairs not to accept and approve any of the resolutions emerging from the Bong County Council Sitting.

The petition which was presented by Mr. Jesse B. Cole of the Justice and Peace Commission and Mr. Aaron G. V. Juakollie of the Foundation for International Dignity clarifies that 2018-2019 budget law section 9.III was violated by the Bong County Legislative Caucus and presiding, Senator Henry W. Yallah by selecting and appointing one Mr. Abraham Jutomue Kollie as controller.

According to the two Civil Society Actors the Budget law of Liberia states “To elect three members of the project management committee PMC once every three years comprising a chairperson, a treasure and a controller.

The Council shall define criteria for qualification to contest the position of PMC, Treasurer and PMC Controller, said qualification according to the law, and should be based on professional training and working experience in the field of the accounting.”

But contrary, the two Civil Society Actors stated that it was not in the case of Mr. Kollie’s ascendency to the position.

Mr. Cole and Mr. Juakollie  also said that the criteria for the PMC Treasurer and PMC Controller were not discussed during the county sitting as prescribed by the Budget law and decisions reached in the county sitting were not done by vote count or consensus by delegates as stated in the law.

They said it was also observed that funds were allotted not to projects but bulk figure, allotted to districts and institutions, thus making it difficult to be monitored by CSOs as prescribed by the budget law of the country. They further said 20% allotted by the County Council sitting to effected communities by concessionaires like, Kokoyah District in Bong County also violates the Mineral Development Agreement (MDA) between AccloreMittal and the government of Liberia.

The two Civil Society actors quoted article 12 of the MDA which states ‘established a dedicated funds committee to manage and disburse the annual US$3million social contribution for Nimba, Bassa and Bong Counties.’

They said the MDA has not being repealed but the county sitting when ahead to take over major functions of the Dedicated Funds Committees, noting that these violations are inimical to the interest of the people of Bong County and must be stopped,” they said.

The two Civil Society Actors have asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ timely intervention or else, they will be left will no other alternative but to seek legal redress in Court of law.

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