LIBERIA: Bomi County Legislative Caucus Probing Missing County-Owned Yellow Machine

Bomi County Legislative Caucus Chairman, Senator Morris Saytumah

Bomi County Legislative Caucus Chairman, Senator Morris Saytumah, has set up a team to investigate the alleged disappearance of the county’s only yellow machine.

According to Senator Saytumah, members of the Caucus are not aware of the whereabouts of the only yellow machine that usually reconditions roads in the county.

Speaking on a local radio station in Tubmanburg, Bomi County on Monday, Saytumah said he has consulted members of the caucus about the yellow machine, but his colleagues have told him that they do not know anything about the machine.

He promised that following the investigation action will be taken against anyone responsible for the disappearance of the equipment.

Meanwhile, Bomi County Development Superintendent Amos Cooper has also said his office is not in the know about the location of the county’s earthmoving machine.

Cooper said his office was never consulted about the alleged sale of the yellow machine for scrap purposes.

When contacted, Bomi County Superintendent Adama Robinson disclosed that the yellow machine was scrapped and sold to Sethi Brothers Corporation in Monrovia.

Supt. Robinson confirmed that the yellow machine was no longer in working condition and that the county officials are aware of the sale of the yellow machine as scrap.

The LINA Western Liberia Correspondent reports that the disappearance of the yellow machine has claimed public attention, with citizens of Bomi demanding the office of Superintendent Robinson to produce the piece of equipment.

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