LIBERIA: BMMC is doing well …. Paramount Chief says

The Chief of Weiju, Grand Cape Mount County has praised Bea Mining Company for living up to its part of an agreement with the communities.   The agreement was to provide a specific amount to the communities and ensure the feeding of the elderly people.

Chief Eric Fayah said when it comes to Clan Development Fund, the company is doing well. The company had an agreement with three communities, Mannar, Laar, and Weiju.

The agreement obligates BMMC to give the three clans US$150,000(One hundred and fifty thousand United States dollars) annually. In addition to that, it gives 150 elders US$25,00 monthly with one bag of rice.

Chief Fayah said, the company has been living up to its commitment and will encourage everyone to go into dialogue if they are unhappy with anything that the company is going contrary to the spirit of good business practice.

He has also warned people who are planning to demonstrate against the company.

Paramount Chief, Eric Fayah’s warning comes against the backdrop of a planned protest by some people in the area.

He said, as the host community, it is important to seek dialogue as the way forward rather than embark on any form of protest.

“Protest will rather make things to be difficult here.  The relationship between the company and us is cordial. If anyone has an issue with the company, it is better to have a dialogue and move forward,” he told journalists over the weekend.

He said, protest does not encourage development, rather, it breeds more problems and leads to underdevelopment.

“We have been working well. When it comes to clan development fun, the company is doing well. Let anyone that has an issue call for dialogue,” he said.

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