LIBERIA: Bealded Rescuse ‘Poverty Stricken Family’ Who Could Not Afford US$10 To Bury Their Dead Baby

Alexander Togar Bealded with lady who baby died

Alexander Togar Bealded, former legislative contender has presented food stuff and cash to a family that could not afford US$10 to bury a dead baby due to poverty, according to an online TV, The Ablee-Jay TV on last Friday said after getting a tip off that a lifeless baby had been in a home for hours without being buried, the family of the diseased was arrested by police.

The family could not afford US$10 to bury the dead at a local cemetery, a situation that gave rise for the family to keep the lifeless body; this eventually led the police to order the arrest of the family considering the action on the part of the family as criminal.

The baby who reportedly died of hot water burn after the toddler’s clothes hooked to a boiling water which subsequently led to the child to die after being rushed at the Liberian Government Hospital in Buchanan but the family was turned down due to the lack of money to purchase the needed medications which led to the death of the baby. The unfortunate this situation broke the heart of  Bealded, former representative candidate of Grand Bassa County who drove to the county to help the family out.

Bealded spoke to the family and the police and encouraged the police to release them on grounds that it was an accidental situation coupled with poverty that led to the kid’s demise, noting that Liberia been economically challenged expressed frustration that the hospital could turn down patients in critical condition due to lack of money.

“I want to assured you that I will continue to check on you every time I am in the county to ensure that you are doing well and that your wounds are being healed over the loss”, Bealded in expressing his concern to the family later provided rice, cash, and ensure that the family was go home being set free by the police.

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