LIBERIA: ‘Bad Road Stalls Development In Sinoe County’ – Rep. Sloh

Rep Jay Nagbe Sloh

Sinoe County District #2 Representative, Jay Nagbe Sloh, has observed that bad road condition remains one of the major challenges confronting his district.

“The walking district is still the walking district, there is no road there,” Sloh said in reference to how the locals normally refer to Sinoe County District #2 due to the challenges occasioned by the bad road condition.

According to the Sinoe County lawmaker, the bad road condition has stalled many development projects which have the propensity to immensely benefit citizens of that district.

Speaking in an interview with the Liberia News Agency (LINA) at his Capitol Building office in Monrovia on Wednesday, Sloh emphasized that his district is being referred to as ‘The walking district’ because of the lack of road connectivity.

He lamented that the bad road condition of the district has also deprived citizens of the area from accessing better healthcare delivery as people wanting to help citizens of the district abandon their quest once they notice that the road condition is deplorable.

“If healthcare delivery is difficult in Monrovia then you can imagine what it is in my district where there is no road. Anytime you talk to NGOs to help out they tell you we have drugs, but there is no road,” Sloh said.

“There is an NGO in Monrovia which decided to build a 100-bedroom hospital in my district but lately informed us that they have decided to relocate the hospital project because we do not have any means of getting the materials to the district. We are negotiating with them but it looks like the decision will stand,” he stressed.

He averred that he is exerting efforts to ensure that he changes the narratives of the district by collaborating with national and international partners as well as the Government of Liberia to connect the district to the rest of Sinoe County.

Sloh told LINA that the main focus of the district in the next 60 days is to open up the road so that the people of the district can begin to benefit from basic social services from the Government of Liberia.

“I am working hard to make sure that we connect the district to the rest of Sinoe County,” Sloh cited, indicating that he is in discussion with logging and mining companies to provide some assistance relative to enhancing road connectivity in the area.

He specified that the district is currently in talks with the biggest mining company coming to Liberia; the Hummingbird Mining Company, along with other logging companies through the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) aimed at finding an amicable solution to the bad road condition.

Sloh assured that before the next rain season starts the people will be driving through the district, while promising to also construct at least three high schools in the district before the expiration of his six-year term.

Due to the lack of efficient educational program in his district, Sloh revealed that 9th grade is the highest level for most of the students in his district, especially those who do not have relatives in Greenville or Monrovia where they can further their education.

“By the time you are in the 9th grade you are about 30 years old because we start school between the ages of 10-15,” Sloh explained.

“I am working with the Ministry of Education to establish at least three high schools in my district. I am praying that before the end of this year or early next year, if not all, at least two of the three high schools will be completed,” he indicated.


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