LIBERIA: B/ville Area ‘A’ Darkness Seems Perpetual -As Residents Make Urgent Appeal To LEC

Mr. Daniel Davies

Residents of Bardnersville Estate, particularly area ‘A’ and its environs are calling on the management of the Liberia Electricity Corporation to consider their ongoing plight of perpetual darkness following the breakdown of their transformers as a result of what is believed to be overloading by those linked to power theft.

Over the past six months plus, the residents of the area have been living in darkness, a situation that made the area to be vulnerable criminals who residents say are on a nightly basis rob them of their belongings.

Speaking to the GNN last weekend in a rather frustrated mood, the Interim Chairman of the Area, Daniel Davies said the current situation being faced by  residents in the area, what he calls a perpetual darkness is frustrating, making an appeal to the LEC to come to their rescue.

Speaking further Mr. Davies indicated that the damaging of the Area “A” transformer was a result of a continuous power theft in the area by unscrupulous individuals through the help of some people who always claiming to be employees of the Corporation.

The Area ‘A’ Interim Chairman further advised that upon the restoration of electricity in his community, the management of the LEC must set up a team to visit the community on a regular basis in order to verify as to who are the genuine customers, and those who will not be, should be disconnected, adding, “This will curtail power theft, and infuse in more finances into the Corporation’s revenue”, Mr. Davies told the GNN in an exclusive interview.

Mr. Davies recounted that prior to the breakdown of their transformer; some residents of the area well very committed in the payment of LEC bills, but now has created a huge vacuum in the intake of the Corporation’s revenue due to this breakdown.

He however appeal to the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah to quickly intervene, and prevail on the management of the LEC to make provision to the expected arrival of some transformers in the country, and consider the Area ‘A’ community in the Estate, stressing, “I as Interim Chairman of our area, I am appealing to the President and the LEC management to consider our plight, we have been in darkness for over six months”, Mr. Davies in a rather frustrated mood said.

Meanwhile, some residents who spoke with the GNN also appealed to the LEC to consider their appeal and come to the rescue and quickly install an exclusive transformer for their area, and further buttress call by their Chairman for a complete exercise that will bring to justice of those who may be linked to power theft.

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