LIBERIA: As President Weah Rallies Help For Victims Of Fire Outbreak In New Kru Town And Smythe Road, Another Reported Near The Borough

Barely 72 hours after President Weah promised to rebuild houses of fire victims in the Popo Beach community of the Borough of New Kru Town, another fire outbreak has been reported at the Point Four, New Kru Town area.

The exact cause of the fire has not been determined, however, it was observed that like the affected buildings at the Popo beach area, the buildings engulfed by fire at Point Four were zinc shacks.

Prior to today’s fire outbreak, another fire incident was reported on the old road where President Weah also visited but didn’t make any commitment.

This recent fire incident has been met with mixed reaction from the public with some Liberians terming the fire occurrences as deliberate since President Weah made a pledge to rebuild houses of the Popo Beach fire victims.

This is a breaking development. The Liberian Billboard will update the story as more information comes in.

In another fire incident, on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 fire gutted a 19-bedroom zinc house on Smythe Road in the Old Road Community, leaving dozens of occupants, including women, children and the elderly homeless.

Moved by the horrifying story of the victims, President Weah on Thursday, April 11, 2019 visited the disaster scene to identify with the victims. Following a brief chat with the victims to familiarize himself with the extent of the tragedy, the Liberian leader assured the victims of his Government’s support.

As he did during his visit to Popo Beach, the Liberian leader and entourage, flanked by the fire victims and other community dwellers, walked through the rubbles of the burned structure.

The Liberian President expressed his deepest regrets about the fire incident and promised the 52 victims of government’s determination to relocate them.

Amid applause and songs of praises rendered by the victims and well-wishers, President Weah announced that the government, especially his office, would take charge of the situation as a way of showing care, love and support for the 19 family heads and their dependents who have lost properties to the fire incident.

Since the burnt house was built on an alley, the President said the victims would be given temporary shelters while the government makes frantic efforts to relocate them on the Roberts International Airport Highways.

The President said his government is committed to addressing the needs of its people, especially those struck by disasters and are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.

While the government wants to relocate the victims in new structures to be built later, the President said it would be up to the 19 family heads to decide their next moves.

President Weah has further ordered the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs and relevant government agencies to work with the Smythe Road community leadership to ensure that the victims have immediate temporary shelters while the government is working out modalities for permanent shelters.


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