LIBERIA: As NEC Set For Another Provisional Results In The Just Ended By-Elections, Collaborating Political Parties Gave Warning

Senator Steve Zargo, executive of the collaborative parties

As Liberians anticipate the announcement from the National Elections Commission (NEC) another provision results on the just ended by-election, executives of the collaborating political parties of which Tailia Urey is a part are warning of serious consequences if the National Election Commission failed to uphold the pronouncement of the actual tally results of Monday’s, in the in district 15 Montserrado county candidates.

During the polling two candidates including Abu Kamara of the ruling CDC and Teilia Urey of the opposition All Liberian Party (ALP) contested for the District 15 Representative post, during which time it was announced by NEC that Mr. Kamara got 5,515 votes accounting for 45.95%, while Ms. Urey got 4,540 votes which accounting to  37.89 percent .

Addressing reporters in Monrovia, the Chairman of the Liberty Party, Senator Steve Zargo, challenged the national election commission to do all it can to announce the total results of the polls without further precondition.

Senator Zargo said the collaborating political parties will not accept any other victory announcement other than its candidate madam Telia Urey, noting, ” We are confident of the results of Monday’s by-election in district 15 and will not accept any cheating to favor the candidate of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change –CDC;  “We’ve got copies of all tally sheets duly signed by NEC poll magistrate and attested by various parties representative and will not tolerate unwarranted cheating in these elections.

He said President George Weah, has the political obligation to ensure that this country remains stable and peaceful but the continued acts by state security and CDC party thugs to unleash violence on our peaceful partisans are unacceptable and undermines the peace and tranquility of the country, “If president Weah cannot handle the state of affairs now, it will better to step aside and do not allow this country to go back to its ugly past.” Steve Zargo said.

The Lofa Country Senator further called for the total relearning of the data centre at the National Elections Commission-NEC, of some undemocratic elements who are cooking data which those not reflect the actuality, of the by-election results.

He warned that the continued action by those individuals at NEC data centre has the propensity to cause further chaos which is detrimental to the forward March of Liberia democratic gains.

Zargo called on the international community to take seriously the concerns of the collaborating political parties as these elections are very paramount to the political advancement of the parties and will not leave any option in addressing it’s concerning when it feels cheated.

“Let me, call on our traditional friend, the United States, the EU, ECOWAS, and the contact group on Liberia; the collaborating political parties are concerns about continued delays in announcing the results from Monday’s Montserrado county by-elections and will not accept any cheating to deprive the collaborating parties’ candidates’ total victory that we deserve.

” We call on you not watch and wait until things get out of hand. We are serious and will use all the political and judicial options available to us. ” Steve Zargo stated.

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