LIBERIA: As Alarm Blow Of Ebola Back In Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberians Are Calling On President Weah To Order Closures Of Boarders

Flash Back: Health workers looking after a victim of Ebola who died

Followed report of the discovery of the deadly Ebola has once again showing its deadly face in Guinea and the Ivory Coast, Liberians who spoke to the GNN say they frightened of the news and are urgently calling on President Weah to order the immediate closure of all boarders with Liberia.

Speaking further in an exclusive interview with our reporter, a cross section of Liberians, mainly women reflecting on the health mayhem caused by this virus years’ back with thousands of Liberians passing out as a result of the virus being found in Guinea.

“The immediate closure of boarders by our President with Guinea, and Ivory Coast will be greatly be helpful for us Liberians, and other foreigners residing in Liberia  to once again not contract this deadly virus, as we are already battling with the Coronavirus. President Weah must please be proactive in this endeavor”, some of the Liberians who spoke to the GNN noted.

Some owners of foreign businesses are also expressing similar fear of the outbreak of the virus in both Guinea and the Ivory Coast hoping that it won’t cross over to Liberia, “We are hoping that this deadly virus will cross over to Liberia, we know what happened when this virus ravaged the entire country”, Mohammed Bah, a Guinean businessman in Liberia speaking to the GNN also noted.

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