LIBERIA: APM Faces Contempt Charges, For Alleged Refusal To Meet Lawmakers

By Alphonso Nynti*

Nimba County Representative Samuel Kogar has disclosed that the management of APM is likely to be held in regulative contempt.

This is because according to Rep. Kogar, APM Management has on many occasions refused to appear before the committee on Commerce and Industry to answer some inquiries regarding the operations of APM at the National Port Authority (NPA).

Rep. Kogar chairs the committee on Commerce and Industry in the Lower House and he is considered as one of the high ranking lawmakers in the 54th National Legislature.

In a related development, Rep. Kogar recently met with various shipping lines in Liberia so as to get some insight into their operations in the country.

He described the relationship between his committee and the various shipping lines as very cordial, noting that he as chair of the committee on Commerce and Industry will continue to work with the various shipping lines with the intent to help raise government revenues, thereby boosting the Nation’s economy.

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